Masters and Disasters: An Article on Lasting Love

Masters and Disasters: An Article on Lasting Love

As you might know, Z is writing her dissertation on love. So, articles such as this one based on social science research really get her excited! This article (a popular one, not an academic one) offers insight on how to tell if someone’s marriage is going to last or not, and offers an insight into a lasting marriage. If you’ve got a sec, it is well worth the read! 





Very pintresting….

Very pintresting….

Now that diy-ing is trending, it is also being made fun of. Since we’re no strangers to self-deprecating humor (we did just watch another Woody Allen film for the hundredth time last night), we thought this little write up in NY mag was hilarious. We’re happy to confess that we’ve done a lot of crafting and vintage shopping–it was a lot of fun. 

You shall not kiss the bride.

Nope, unfortunately, that’s not a spelling mistake. As you might know, a year ago Zorianna fell quite ill and after numerous doctors and specialists, and hospital appointments, was finally diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder that renders her HIGHLY sensitive to certain foods. For the most part, this isn’t a big deal. It effects our life in small ways. For example, if Marco eats a tomato or has earl grey tea (which contains bergamot–citrus–oil), then he can’t kiss Zorianna until he has washed his face and brushed his teeth. It seems a little dangerous to be kissing 150 people who’ve just eaten several of the things that she is highly allergic to. So, we ask that after dinner you please HUG, and not kiss the bride. We know it is highly unusual, especially in loving European families like ours, but please do understand that having an allergic reaction on such a fun day would be upsetting. Many many many thanks for your understanding on this.

Note: for those of you with tree nut and peanut allergies–not to worry, none of the food or desserts will contain nuts! 

Many Thanks!

Many thanks to our generous Mothers who prepared such a beautiful and thoughtful shower, and many thanks to our family and friends who all too generously showered us with love and gifts. We were really touched by your kindness! We are so excited to keep celebrating with you! More amazing ethnic food, yummy allergen free (but surprisingly delicious)cupcakes, and fun times head! Make sure to pack your dancing shoes! 


Everything you wanted to know about M + Z*

Neither of us drinks coffee, even though we both come from families who drink espresso daily and used to drink espresso daily ourselves. Still, we almost always order lattes, tea lattes. We’ve got at least 25 kinds of tea on hand, and 4 teapots*! 



*With special thanks to Miljana and Dan who brought us home a special Merimekko teapot from Sweden.  

FAQ: A tire? Attire!

Wondering what to wear to a re-wedding?

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • unlike the typical banquet hall, the church does NOT have any air conditioning. NONE. It will be warm inside. Wear something light and breathable, like linen. Synthetic fibres are not encouraged (unless your rayon is made of bamboo) and if you can please do consider bringing an electric fan with you to plug in (no joke)
  • the ceremony will be happening outside on grass. Thin heels will likely sink into the grass. Consider a slightly thicker heel to prevent grass stains and getting muddied
  • you may choose to lawn bowl! Consider wearing a dress long enough that you can toss around a ball and bend over comfortably (no joke there either 🙂  )

Keep it fun!

  • why not wear bright colours?
  • why not wear something that makes you feel great, even if it isn’t “weddingy” it is probably re-weddingy 🙂
  • why not wear something light and summery.

This isn’t a traditional formal affair. We’re trying to keep it fun and personal. No need to wear a jacket, or a cummerbund (unless you’d like to, in which case, AWESOME!!), but why not include something neato like a suspender or an ascot (I kid, I kid… unless you too think those are awesome)

Mostly, we’re just happy to see you!