Leaving Glastonbury was harder than anticipated. So much fun was had!
Though, I say this in retrospect of having arrived in Malaga a few days ago. The place we rented was a lunch bag let down. The apartment had no wifi, no comforter on the bed, no dish sponge or soap, no plastic shower curtain and no toilet paper(!!!). This last point is especially key as I’d caught a cold-perhaps too much dampness (?)-and barely had enough Kleenex to last through the night. Malaga itself is a pretty sea port. Marco joined me a day after I arrived and we immediately went out for a platter of sea food( razor clams! So cool!).

All that complaining about the apartment brings me to this: we’ve had a change of plans and are going to Grenada for a few days! So excited! I love surprise adventures!

Just in case you wanted to see more photos, you can follow us (or add us) on Instagram at Or /Avolio


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