Driving to Granada was great. But, driving in Granada was intense. We stayed in the Albacin which is the oldest part of the city. Since it was so hilly and tearing it down would be too hard, the city just left it rather than modernize it. Even walking there was scary at times. We had to mush our bodies against buildings to make way for tour buses coming down the street (no joke. they nearly hit M’s elbow).

We ate well: homemade mint ice cream, black pudding, honey mustard chicken and a view of the Alhambra, deep fried green peppers etc. Actually, I think the green peppers were the only veggies we had in three days.. what I’m missing in veggie I make up for in olive oil (I’m not so sure what a healthy trade off that is). O! But, I did discover that they make horchata here from chufo (tiger nuts) which is a tuber that grows underground, and is not an allergen for me! Hurray! I have big plans to glug down lots of the stuff.

Seeing the Alhambra was neato, but going to the hammam was my favourite part. We had a short massage, went into the hot pool, then the cold pool, then the steam room, then the hot/cold (aka lukewarm) pool, then lay down on hot stones. It was nice that we weren’t separated by gender and so Marco and I could spend time together silently sweating.







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