I love Valencia. Everything is close. Biking doesn’t take long and there are valenbisi ( their bixi) stations everywhere. It’s never crowded… Though this crowded thing is actually an issue. I was reading an article before we arrived about all the money was put into modernizing the city (nearly a billion for the city of arts and sciences) and given the lack if employment, the city is a kind of ghost town. Actually, it feels a little like St. Catherines only a billion times nicer and without the drunken street fights.
We’ve eaten so well! I emphasize this, of course, because I was worried. A girl can only eat so many rice crackers. But, the regular grocery store has loaves of gf (sin gluten) bread for 2 EU, and cookies too. And, it actually tastes good! Even better than my $6 loaves back home. Would I consider moving for cheaper food? Maybe.

Uh oh… Train time! Back soon.

Right. So, the food was amazing. The market featured so many varieties of cured pork. This of course reminded me of snacking on prosciutto (plain, baked with dates and goat cheese or otherwise) and sipping in sparkling with Marina, and then I noticed that they had a cured meat called Marina. Strange coincidence.

We pretty much fell in love with a restaurant called Garibai. We had fish upon fish; tuna on red pepper, bacaloa pil-pil, squid in their own ink; and, local wine. Plus, the walls were lined with vintage posters.

The city of arts and sciences was filled with tremendous white mosaic buildings. When we first rode through the park near it several bright green birds were flying in formation, and lots of fit people were hanging out or jogging. It definitely resembles a utopian future. At least in this future there are two horchata stands! We saw an IMAX film about the Nile, and i discovered a competitive sport that I’m actually good at (I never thought that would happen): mindball! Mindball monitors your brain functions, and the more relaxed person had their ball moved into the net of the other person. I won twice, easily. All that meditation finally paid off. 🙂











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