El Born, El Raval, Barrio Gotico

Only two days in, but I feel like we’ve seen a bunch. One thing I love about Barcelona: it’s pretty tiny. 5 streets counts as a neighbourhood. I always thought the bloorcourt, bloordale, and Dufferin Grove distinctions were silly. Do I live in Dufferin Grove or Bloorcourt? I’m not sure. But here, anyway, that distinction holds.

In the morning we enjoyed Barceloneta, a neighbourhood near the water with wider streets. Then back to El Born for a tea, then through the skinny and tall dark passages of the Barrio Gotico for an afternoon snack. We stumbled upon a little xarcuteria that was started in the 1930s. They make all their snacks and vermouth on site. Of course, we sampled things! Fish, fish, and peppers stuffed with fish. Amazing!
We headed over to the centre for contemporary culture in Barcelona. They had two shows on: Roberto Bolano, the author, and Pier Paulo Passolini, the film director. All the info was Spanish which wasn’t helpful. At lease the info on Passolini was in Italian, so I could ask M for all the stuff that I didn’t get. Gramsci’s influence was pretty obvious ( they had a replica of his grave there and a voice reading from the prison notebooks). I’ve only seen Theorema, and now want to see more. We sat around a screening room for avant garde cinema and watched a film about names, The Sweetest Sound (which wasn’t really experimental but anyway..). I never really considered what it implied to be the only person in the world with my name(other than not having to put a number beside my usernames and email addresses), but I can understand how upsetting it is to have several other people share your name.








3 thoughts on “El Born, El Raval, Barrio Gotico

  1. I am so happy for you! Sounds like a wonderful experience so far! Wish we were there. Maybe Joe and I will do a follow-up next July after we retire.

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