Boqueria, Vermut in Gracia, and the Orxateria

We discovered an amazing Orxateria at Asturies and del torrent de l’olla with gluten free ice cream cones yesterday! Amazing!
And after walking about we rested at Quimet, not to be confused with Quimet and Quimet. Quimet also makes their own vermut, so we bought a bottle for less than 4 eu. The decor is amazing. The brown glass chandalier is a great touch. Strangely enough, there was a Beatles poster on the back wall– those guys seem to be following us around.
We were low on groceries so we figured we would check the other market, boqueria. It was nuts. Packed with tourists. Actually, you know, it was ok. Mostly the tourists took photos, so there was less waiting in line. We bought lots of seafood and made another paella. This time we added paprika (we are on vacay, and it’s not like we want to buy a ton of spices before going to Portugal), which was great. The razor clams look cool, but I’m only so so on them.






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