Looking back

We’ve legally been wed for two weeks now, at least in Gibraltar and hopefully other places (I kid, I kid. About the at least part anyway). It’s felt pretty special to be able to enjoy each other’s company for this long. And, it’s been so incredible to receive messages of support from everyone. Thank you all so much for your encouragement and your understanding. It really means so much to both of us to have everyone’s support.
Eloping is often that event that people threaten to do when wedding planning becomes too much. Or, actually, for us it was the thing that my parents joked about, and the destination wedding that some wanted to join. For us, it was a way to celebrate our relationship between us, and to solidify the commitment that we had already been living.
Choosing Gibraltar was easy. It’s the only place in Europe where you can show up and be married. Spain requires you to live there for 30 days, so does Hungary and France. And there were awful stories about paperwork being lost in Italy. The tiny room and running around the neighbourhood was a one day fiasco, but it was only one day, and we got to see macaques and caves which was awesome.
We were married, but we haven’t had a wedding. The date was shifted, and Z has sent several emails to solidify the date to no avail. Sometime next spring there will be a wedding during which we will get to share and bring together our family and friends. We are so excited for this. We’ve planned lots of fun things for the day!


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