Two Weeks!!

In April I became ABD ( all but dissertation) with the completion of my comps, and in June I became an Mrs. My name is getting bigger and bigger. As soon as paperwork gets filled out, it will be even bigger.
Meeting Marco as a student in a workshop, then again in a bar was not what I expected. Finding myself continually happy was not what I expected. I keep being surprised by how wonderful things are. I’m pretty lucky.
You’ve mostly been hearing from me on this blog, but he reads through everything before I post it and reminds me to add things. This is pretty much how we work: one person takes the lead, the other helps out.
There so many little details about our elopement or “little wedding” or “Gib wed” that I didn’t yet share (in no particular order):
1. Marco is an incredible driver. Perhaps it’s because he doesn’t get stressed or upset. When we on the top of the rock the morning of E.D.(elopement day) surrounded by macaques and the four tour buses ahead of us stopped on a super steep hill, he just pulled the parking break and sighed.
2. We made dinner. After the photos were done, we drove back to Catalan Bay and made dinner. We love cooking together, and just wanted to spend time together not waiting around in a crowded place.
3. The shoes! We’ve received lots of compliments about M’s shoes. I won’t reveal his source, but we found them on Queen St. after attending the wedding show, with the tickets that we won from Erika, with Becca, our photographer. The shoes came with the blue laces, and brown laces.
4. Making stuff! Marco wore the blue laces to match the pocket square and bow tie I made him. The bow tie got mangled in his suitcase, but oh well.. I brought some of the extra fabric as a something blue to tie around the bouquet(which I anticipated making). I had wanted to find a vintage veil to match the dress, but when nothing was turning up I bought a comb and some fabric and made my own. While I was in Glastonbury I found an art nouveau lapel pin with an M that I added to the bouquet.
5. Amateurs. I love blogs, pintrest, tumblr etc. I love looking at professional crafts, and put together photos. So, I was a little worried when I had to do my own hair. And more worried when the first back up photographer had to take her son to the hospital, and we our second back up photographer was an amateur. Poor guy was having an awful allergy attack, and couldn’t tell if the shots were in focus! But, all in all, things dont look professional, but they look like us.

So, the tiny details:
Location: the Alameda Gardens
Witnesses: Melanie G., who we rented from, and Pat, the garden director
Photographer: Assym, a co-worker of Mel’s
Grooms attire: frank and oak, and borodawka and friends
Brides attire: vintage pop up shop, shoes purchased on a trip to Romania (something old)
Flowers courtesy of the Rock and the parking lot near Catalan Bay 🙂





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