HBD, favourite husband!

Today Marco turns 30!

Last night we had an amazing meal bormuth in Born: matrimonios, the marriage of sardines and anchovies, poached tuna with red pepper, sailors mussels, and steak with fois gras and caramelized onion ( perhaps my fave dish of the whole trip!!). Sounds pricey, no? Would you believe that we spent ( and, actually for all of our eating have never spent more) just over 30 eu? True story.

We also had an amazing lunch at Andorra, our fave ( we have a lot of faves here). Cava poached tuna, cucumber and salmon salad, bocerones (sardines), and cistarro (fresh sausage). I had a green tea with rose (I love anything with rose!), and M had a Basque chocolate tart. Amazing!

Of course, we also popped into our fave Italian ice cream shop. We’ve been 4 times! It’s hard not too. They make gf pancakes, there is no egg in the ice cream, and the flavours include date and cardamom, orange and almond. see how this is the perfect place for us? The owners are super nice, and told M that Barcelona has about 20 000 Italians living in it.

And just so no one thinks this trip is about eating, we found a great French boutique that sells vintage glasses and new French designers. I found a fun t shirt, though I really lusted for glasses. Earlier yesterday, M also got a great pair of brown suede desert boots.



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