The ends of the earth, or the ends of Portugal, anyway

Going to the ends of the earth with someone or for someone is a strange cliche. I’m a fan of making things literal, if only to dismantle their meaning. So, we went to two ends of the earth, or at least of Portugal: Cabo de Roca near Sintra, the Western most point, and Ilha Deserta, the Southern most point.

Cabo de Roca had a spectacular view of the ocean. We hiked down the trail, then climbed past onto the rocks as far as we could. We spent a few hours staring out over the water.

Ilha Deserta is an island about an hour south of Faro. The island is “deserted”or uninhabited, but features a gorgeous bio restaurant run by solar power, and a sandy beach dotted in shells. We spent a lovely day lounging on the beach, and had an incredible lunch of xarem, a starchy polenta with prawns and clams, and clam rice.

Having traveled to a deserted island, I guess we answered the proverbial hypothetical question: what would you take to a deserted island? The answer: gf cookies, towels, bathing suits, a kobo glo with Game of Thrones (him), a print out of a Levinas article (me), and our phones ( how else could we share pics?). What would you pack to a deserted island?







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