FAQ: A tire? Attire!

Wondering what to wear to a re-wedding?

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • unlike the typical banquet hall, the church does NOT have any air conditioning. NONE. It will be warm inside. Wear something light and breathable, like linen. Synthetic fibres are not encouraged (unless your rayon is made of bamboo) and if you can please do consider bringing an electric fan with you to plug in (no joke)
  • the ceremony will be happening outside on grass. Thin heels will likely sink into the grass. Consider a slightly thicker heel to prevent grass stains and getting muddied
  • you may choose to lawn bowl! Consider wearing a dress long enough that you can toss around a ball and bend over comfortably (no joke there either 🙂  )

Keep it fun!

  • why not wear bright colours?
  • why not wear something that makes you feel great, even if it isn’t “weddingy” it is probably re-weddingy 🙂
  • why not wear something light and summery.

This isn’t a traditional formal affair. We’re trying to keep it fun and personal. No need to wear a jacket, or a cummerbund (unless you’d like to, in which case, AWESOME!!), but why not include something neato like a suspender or an ascot (I kid, I kid… unless you too think those are awesome)

Mostly, we’re just happy to see you!


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