Our Story

This is the story of a typical West End Toronto early ’30s couple. Marco and Zorianna seemed to always be just missing each other. Zorianna was born to Anna and Jurij on a stormy September night. They lived in Bloor West Village. Marco was born to Anna and Joe on a sunny June day. They lived in Bloordale. Zorianna and Marco grew up only 4 subways stations apart from each other. Zorianna then kept moving west, gained a second father, Michael, moved more west, all the way to Waterloo, then to Germany and back. Meanwhile, Marco moved to Italy came back to Toronto, then to Montreal, then to Italy again. Finally, both Marco and Zorianna were in Toronto. They both attended U of T at the same time, and then attended Ryerson at the same time. One fateful day, Zorianna and her friend, Catherine Jenkins, were leading a TA workshop on “Good Habits for the Start of the Semester” at Ryerson in Kerr Hall East. Zorianna couldn’t help but notice a handsome gentlemen in a dark blue sweater. Unfortunately, they didn’t get to talk. But the next day, Marco waved to her as he rode by her on Harbord St. A year later, Zorianna,Catherine, and Alexandra Lelli were having a meeting at 3 Speed, a local pub, and some other friends joined after for a drink. Marco walked in, sat across from Zorianna and recognized her immediately. The two chatted about cooking traditional cuisine, Woody Allen, and reality tv cooking shows. Marco walked Zorianna home. It turned out they lived a block away from each other! Marco suggested they go for brunch sometime, so he took down Zorianna’s phone number. Two days later, he texted her and asked her to join him for ice cream. She immediately suggested they have dinner instead. Over spicy pork bi bim bap at “Special Tofu”, Marco and Zorianna began their never ending conversation about film, love, and the meaning of life. Several walks to High Park, chai lattes from Cherry Bomb, movies at the Lightbox and the Varsity, tons of tacos from El Asador, mountains of quinoa, multiple simultaneous workouts at the West End YMCA, and dozens of bouquets of kale and chard from the Dufferin Grove Farmer’s market later Marco and Zorianna have decided to marry each other, and keep enjoying their happy little life.

Since our story began, we decided to make an important commitment to each other. When planning for our initial celebration changed, our eagerness to exchange promises of commitment did not. With a great adventure before us, we eloped in Gibraltar. As the sun began to set over the Alameda gardens, with a gardener and the woman we were renting from as our witnesses, we promised  to do our best to love and support each other for the rest of our lives. This private ritual was very meaningful for us. Now we look forward to sharing another ceremony with all of you to support us. Our story continues…


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