Everything you wanted to know about M + Z*

We have a (at least) double craft home: Marco brews beer, and Zorianna makes things with textile, and sometimes makes textiles.

While Marco keeps the freezer stocked with bones for stock, Zorianna stores jars of dye stuffs and natural dye in the fridge.



*but were afraid to ask

**remembering these facts just might help you out at the wedding. *wink wink*


FAQ: Gifts

First, many many thanks to those of you who have generously asked us if we are registered anywhere or if we need any specific things. We really appreciate your generosity and thoughtfulness. As you likely know, we live in a modest space that is filled sunshine, and are saving our pennies to one day purchase a small home in Toronto that we can call our own. It would be very helpful if you could help us save for our future nest. At present, we don’t have space for many things, but would love a few select things to help us out in our favourite space: the kitchen. Including this and this.

Shopping local and supporting small businesses is really important to both of us. So, we’ve asked Mika at Good Egg to help us create a registry at her shop. Good Egg offers a 20% discount on all Le Crueset purchases, features all of the majors brands that you’d find at larger shops, stocks cute tschotchkes, and runs classes (knife skills!). If you give Mika a call or email, she will help you out with the few things on our list. You can pop by the shop, or order with her over the phone. (new note: there is no need to pick up your gift. Mika will tuck it away, and we can pick it up (just let us know!)




Scenes from Another Marriage

Band A Part (The Band of Outsiders) A bonus Godard post (how could I resist?). Skipping out on English class, they take to the cafe! (And, Z pushes aside her feelings as an ESL teacher, and just enjoys the movie)

If we’ve learned anything about marriage so far, its that being married let’s you form your own little Band A Part (band of outsiders).

FAQ: Is your marriage legal?

We’ve been asked if our Gibraltar marriage is legally binding, and if Catherine has the power to legally wed us. 

The Answer:
YES! Our Gibraltar marriage that Lionel Anthony Victory conducted and which took place in the Alameda Gardens is legally binding internationally. So, no, we do not need to have a legal wedding in Canada.

NO! Catherine does not have the power to legally wed us, and she does not need to since we are already legally wed. By the power vested in us and her kitties, Poppy and Pear, Catherine has the power to wish us well in our life together and to lead us through the marriage ceremony.

A Re-Marriage Comedy*

Going to the altar in Gibraltar, and finding a partner at St. George the Martyr.

After having had a lovely, private ceremony in Gibraltar, we noticed that we were missing a special ingredient to make our marriage complete: our family and friends. So, we’re doing it over again! We hope that you’ll join us on July 5th to celebrate the coming together of two families, two circles of friends, and the start of a new family.

Fun Fact: Did you know that in the Scottish Hebrides a handfasting only lasts for a year, unless a child is born? After the year is up the handfasting can be renewed, or the couple can choose to part.  It will be a year, a month, and a day for us. So, I guess it is time to renew .




*The re-marriage comedy is a term coined by philosopher and film theorist, Stanley Cavell. It refers to a group of fast talking comedy films from the 1940’s in which a divorced couple ends up remarrying, for example, The Philadelphia Story (1940) starring Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn.