Adieu, Algarve

We’ve been enjoying some small towns around the Algarve coast. The ilha Deserta, a short boat ride from Faro, is likely our favourite spot though. The channels in Tavira, the gypsy market in Loule, the bike ride through the salt pans of the reserve area of the Ria Formosa, and the boat tour out to see Ponte Piedade were all remarkable.

On our last afternoon, we are laying low in Faro and enjoying bifana, steak sandwiches, and a view of the Ria Formosa from O Castelo.

Tomorrow, M is heading home. I’m off to PhD camp aka a summer intensive seminar in Tilburg, Neatherlands.

Two months gone in a flash!









Lagos, Potato Beach: Why we came

A few months ago I stumbled upon a photo of a beach with turquoise water surrounded by tall rock formations posted on Pinterest. It read, Lagos Portugal. Would it be a mistake to visit a country based on one photo? My advisor later joked about visiting Portugal before attending PhD camp. And, of course, we live in little Portugal…. So, Portugal.

Yesterday we went on a boat tour of the coast. The tour guide cracked jokes, pointed out animals and faces in the stones, and lead us through grottos. He also took us by Potato beach, the beach in the photo, and the adjoining beach, Student beach. After our boat tour was over, we walked down to Potato beach for a swim the super salty, but warm and calm water. The water in Lagos is completely different from Cascais and Faro, the waves aren’t strong, the water is calm, and the water is really warm.