Only a half day in Barcelona and I’m already a fan. We are staying on the 4th(5th if you count floor 0 as 1) of a gothic walk up. The stairway is incredible! I absolutely went through a German expressionist film phase in undergrad, and this stairwell excites that part of me so much. I guess it’s hard to walk up, but it’s so cool. Our apartment has a garland of vintage postcards, and some framed vintages photos, including one of John and Yoko . We had a good laugh with the girl we are renting from about the photo, another funny coincidence.

I reread the culinary backstreets entries on Barcelona, and found Andorra. I sounded perfect for us. It was a short walk over from our place down past the little Gaudi palace. It looked great. The doors, bar and booth were original to the place from the 1930’s and it had cute DIY details like woven lamps. The menu was pretty extensive, and featured, of course, fish. I’ve given up on eating veggies out, so I eat a few servings extra at lunch. We ordered our new fave salad: red peppers and tuna, but this one came with olives, sardines, and roasted peeled eggplant. I stay away from nightshades, so M ate the eggplant, but from few bites I had it was smoky, and the added honey was nice. The sardines were about half a foot long, and so salty. I used to never eat salt, but I’m learning to love it. We also had a tapas of tuna poached in cava which was so delightful, light, and kind if earthy. And, we had some horse covered in fois gras. This was a tricky thing for me. I do eat meat, and I do have sympathy toward animals, I don’t take eating meat lightly. M reminded me about the owners comments on ethically sourcing food. I enjoyed it more than I anticipated. It was not gamey like caribou or moose. It was soft, and tasted nutritious ( if that makes any sense). I often avoid beef because if the sustainability of it, but also the flavour. This was actually yummy. I’m not yet sure how I feel about this discovery, but I’m not worried about it either.

Our street is filled with bars, including the greaser bar across the street with a heart made of doll heads.