Lisbon is for lovers

I never really understood the t- shirts that said (name a city) is for lovers. What does that sentiment mean? what city discourage love? I have a strange fondness for the ’70s typography that usually accompanies that wonky slogan.

We love Lisbon. So much that we’ve neglected updating this blog. If in Barcelona we sought after tradition, in Lisbon we are steeped in it. Tins of seafood are not the only things preserved here.

Last weekend we went to the thieves market, a huge outdoor market with antiques, factory seconds, junk, and cheap goods. It was enormous! Huge! The biggest open market that I have experienced. We were tempted by vintage meat grinders and 100 year old tiles, but in the end we walked away with two smurfs for my sister and a vintage Portugese Communist Party change purse for my brother.

We walked, quite far, to the north end of the city for the ultimate seafood treasure. We had watched the episode of No Reservations about Lisbon (since M does research for tv it made sense to trust their researchers), and were determined to find O Ramiro. Thankfully we did. We ordered a dozen oysters, a plate of barnacles, a whole crab and had the traditional steak sandwich for dessert. It was incredible! Every morsel was amazing! The barnacles resembled a compound of shells, bone and electrical tape, more art project than food, but inside was a crimson almost fuchsia soft ocean flavoured morsel. Not to mention the ridiculously delicious thinly pounded garlicky steak. All that food, and we paid 55eu, our most expensive meal yet!

Sintra was perhaps the coolest of our experiences. The castle was interesting, but the walk up to the height cross took us into the clouds. My ears popped as we walked up the winding passage ways. The view was amazing, but perhaps the video speaks for itself. (Sorry, it costs $60 to add video, I promise to show you when we get home or you can see it via Instagram )