The one with the jamonchik

Did I tell you about the one with the jamonchik? I think I forgot.

So, we were sitting in a restaurant, a not too shabby one with white table cloths, near the beach. At the table next to us was a Ukrainian family: baby, husband, wife, and mother in law. The guy clearly knows the owner and they bring him a bottle of vodka(classic!). The little girl is running around, and heads out the doors then back in through the doors. Neither the mom or Baba are paying attention (not so classic). The girl walks up to our table and grabs one of the buns from the basket, bites into it and walks off! Amazing! We all laughed. The waiter then took the bun from her and brought it back sliced in half with some sopressata in it. The dad then offered the girl some jamonchik (HA-mon-chick) or Spkrainian for little pork. Jamonchik is now our word for any meal. Want some jamonchik?