Musical Requests?

We’d love to see you all having the time of your lives at our celebration. If you have a musical request, just let us know! 


Very pintresting….

Very pintresting….

Now that diy-ing is trending, it is also being made fun of. Since we’re no strangers to self-deprecating humor (we did just watch another Woody Allen film for the hundredth time last night), we thought this little write up in NY mag was hilarious. We’re happy to confess that we’ve done a lot of crafting and vintage shopping–it was a lot of fun. 

You shall not kiss the bride.

Nope, unfortunately, that’s not a spelling mistake. As you might know, a year ago Zorianna fell quite ill and after numerous doctors and specialists, and hospital appointments, was finally diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder that renders her HIGHLY sensitive to certain foods. For the most part, this isn’t a big deal. It effects our life in small ways. For example, if Marco eats a tomato or has earl grey tea (which contains bergamot–citrus–oil), then he can’t kiss Zorianna until he has washed his face and brushed his teeth. It seems a little dangerous to be kissing 150 people who’ve just eaten several of the things that she is highly allergic to. So, we ask that after dinner you please HUG, and not kiss the bride. We know it is highly unusual, especially in loving European families like ours, but please do understand that having an allergic reaction on such a fun day would be upsetting. Many many many thanks for your understanding on this.

Note: for those of you with tree nut and peanut allergies–not to worry, none of the food or desserts will contain nuts! 

FAQ: Gifts

First, many many thanks to those of you who have generously asked us if we are registered anywhere or if we need any specific things. We really appreciate your generosity and thoughtfulness. As you likely know, we live in a modest space that is filled sunshine, and are saving our pennies to one day purchase a small home in Toronto that we can call our own. It would be very helpful if you could help us save for our future nest. At present, we don’t have space for many things, but would love a few select things to help us out in our favourite space: the kitchen. Including this and this.

Shopping local and supporting small businesses is really important to both of us. So, we’ve asked Mika at Good Egg to help us create a registry at her shop. Good Egg offers a 20% discount on all Le Crueset purchases, features all of the majors brands that you’d find at larger shops, stocks cute tschotchkes, and runs classes (knife skills!). If you give Mika a call or email, she will help you out with the few things on our list. You can pop by the shop, or order with her over the phone. (new note: there is no need to pick up your gift. Mika will tuck it away, and we can pick it up (just let us know!)




Looking back

We’ve legally been wed for two weeks now, at least in Gibraltar and hopefully other places (I kid, I kid. About the at least part anyway). It’s felt pretty special to be able to enjoy each other’s company for this long. And, it’s been so incredible to receive messages of support from everyone. Thank you all so much for your encouragement and your understanding. It really means so much to both of us to have everyone’s support.
Eloping is often that event that people threaten to do when wedding planning becomes too much. Or, actually, for us it was the thing that my parents joked about, and the destination wedding that some wanted to join. For us, it was a way to celebrate our relationship between us, and to solidify the commitment that we had already been living.
Choosing Gibraltar was easy. It’s the only place in Europe where you can show up and be married. Spain requires you to live there for 30 days, so does Hungary and France. And there were awful stories about paperwork being lost in Italy. The tiny room and running around the neighbourhood was a one day fiasco, but it was only one day, and we got to see macaques and caves which was awesome.
We were married, but we haven’t had a wedding. The date was shifted, and Z has sent several emails to solidify the date to no avail. Sometime next spring there will be a wedding during which we will get to share and bring together our family and friends. We are so excited for this. We’ve planned lots of fun things for the day!