The Wedding Team

We are lucky to have a team of wonderfully creative and caring people to help us prepare and share our (re)wedding.

Catherine Jenkins, Ring Leader and Officiant

Poet, author, academic, editor, and cat lady, Catherine has researched wedding traditions and prepared a unique ceremony.  Catherine and Zorianna are in the same PhD program, and enjoy silently writing together chatting over tea.

Joseph Dunlop, Best Guy

Academic, Sci-fi enthusiast, and all around affable guy, Joseph will help to groom Marco and defend him should any men attempt to steal the bride. Joseph and Marco have been friends since high school.

Larissa Kaminskyj, Best Lady

Rock climber and knitter, Larissa, following ancient Roman Law, will ensure that no one mistakes the Bride and Groom for the ghosts that were believed to trick wedding attendants. Larissa and Zorianna have been friends since elementary school, and took Latin in High School together.

Miljana Prelic, Best Lady

Indoor rock climber and world traveler, Miljana will keep her eye out for people with ill wishes for the Bride and Groom in following with Victorian customs. Miljana and Zorianna have been friends since their undergraduate degrees, and met in a Business class.

Stefan Simonyi, Master of Ceremony

Reservist, first responder, safety enthusiast, and all around charming guy, Stefan will guide us through the events of the (re)wedding.  Stefan is Zorianna’s brother.

Sonia Avolio, Master of Ceremony

Dragon boater, baker, and engineer, Sonia will guide us through the events of the (re)wedding. Sonia is Marco’s sister.

Marina Hess, Reader

Teacher, writer, and all around sweet lady, Marina will be doing a surprise reading during the ceremony. Marina and Zorianna are close friends and former roommates.

Sara Rodrigues, Singer

Academic, journal editor, vegan baker, and stylish femme, Sara will stun us with her renditions of popular songs. Sara and Zorianna are close friends, and have even co-authored a conference paper together.

Claudia Carnevale, Wedding Cake Baker

Cyclist and amateur baker, Claudia will bake a gorgeous and delicious (and Zorianna safe!) wedding cake. Claudia is Marco’s cousin.

Erika Jacobs, Invitation Designer

Wedding and portrait photographer, design enthusiast, and vintage shopper extraordinaire, Erika designed the amazing invitations. Erika and Marco have been friends since high school, and Zorianna is so happy to have a new pal who loves vintage shopping as much as she does!

Becca Gilgan, Photographer 

Photographer and design enthusiast, Becca will be documenting the wedding.


2 thoughts on “The Wedding Team

  1. Since my primary role as MC is to control the indubitably boisterous and disorderly guests, its probably important to add to my description that I have trained for a good portion of my life (four weeks) in the combative art of Muay Thai (ladies’ kickboxing).

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